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What is this all about!

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design in which a website is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). Rather than designing multiple websites for different-sized devices, this approach designs one website but specifies how it should appear on varied devices.

A Responsive Website will reshape itself to suit the width of the browser. If you want to see an example try making your browser smaller right now and see how our website changes and repositions itself to suit the width. This works on all devices including iPhone, Android, iPad, laptop screens, and computer desktops, games consoles & television screens.


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Our team have been designing and developing websites since 1999
Our team have been designing and developing websites since 1999

Why Get a Responsive Website from Intrade

Responsive websites respond to their environment and represents a fundamental shift in how we'll build websites for the decade to come

// Niall Byrne, Intrade


Sites that use responsive web design, i.e. sites that serve all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the page is rendered on the device. This is Google's recommended configuration.

// Google Developers [link]

As today's websites are being viewed on a variety of devices such as smartphone, tablet, television, games console, as well as laptop and desktop computers, we need to adapt to the change in size and variety of devices that are on the market.

To handle all these devices, the latest technique of Responsive Web Design (RWD) is being deployed more and more, especially over the traditional method of creating a separate desktop site and mobile site. Google has also stated that it prefers to see sites that work responsively as there is only one single page for all content.

Your website should be optimised for all devices, no matter what the screen size. Gone is the cost of creating separate websites for each device. Intrade Web Solutions with their Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques will build you a website which will respond and display correctly on the device that it is being viewed on.

We do this by coding the website in a way so that certain elements, such as navigation, is displayed more appropriately for smaller or larger screens.

Responsive Web Design is better why?

According to Amarach Research, with over 1.6 million smart phone users and 450k tablet users in Ireland alone, websites are being viewed away from the traditional computer more and more. This is why it has become very important for website owners to respond to this trend and ensure their website is capable of displaying correctly for as many devices as possible.


Contact Intrade today for full details on our Responsive Website Design service
Our team have been designing and developing websites since 1999

5 Main Advantages of RWD

  1. SEO – As mentioned, Google has gone out and said that they prefer sites that are responsive (as opposed to having a separate mobile site for the same content), as there is only one address for them to serve the content for to the user. You also have more of a chance of your content being served to users searching on mobile devices, compared to non-optimised sites.
  2. Cost / Time – It makes more sense to use Responsive Website Design to keep costs down. You only need to update your Responsive site and all devices will show the new content. However, if you have separate sites for Desktop, Tablet and Phone, Television, they will all need to be updated individually. This can add costs and be a lot more time consuming.
  3. User Experience – Users who visit your site on a Smartphone or Tablet will have a far better experience if your site uses Responsive Web Design and most likely return.
  4. Beating Competitors – Responsive Website Design is still at an early adoption stage so getting ahead of competitors could gain you extra customers and sales.
  5. Future Proof – Technology changes very fast these days and using Responsive Web Design will increase the chances of your site standing the test of time online.